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名义货币需求(nominal demand for money) 名义货币需求是 实际货币需求 的对称, 是指社会各经济部门适应物价增减幅度在名义上增减的 货币需求 , 亦即用 货币 单位来表示的货币数量,如8万元 人民币 、1万 美元 等, 通常以Md表示

(b) [I, Ipr, Tn] ~ (for sth) demand (money) under an insurance policy, as compensation, etc 凭保险单要求赔偿(款项); 索赔: Have you claimed (...

The first reason for the downward slope of the aggregate demand curve is Pigou's wealth effect. Recall that the nominal value of money is fixed, but ...

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