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it's my还是on还是An. honor to...... ?


您好,我来为您解答: it's my honor 中文解释:这是我的荣幸 希望我的回答对你有帮助。

for表“对于”;而to是“向”,是描述一个有方向指向性的动词的,如:Give it to me.

it's my honor中文解释:这是我的荣幸 这是我的荣幸My pleasure 或者是You're welcome。 为你提供精确解答这是自我介绍或者面试、演讲开头时常用的一种讲话模式.所以有一种最简洁的表达是:It's great honor to have this chance to introduce m...

it's-my-honor-to-meet-you 遇到你是我的荣幸

It is my honor. 与It is an honor.这两种用法都对。例如: It is an honor to be with you. 和你在一起,我很荣幸。 It is my honor to be with you. 和你在一起,我很荣幸。

Don't mention it,It's my honor! 这句话常用于国外日常生活中,表示“不用谢”的意思。

it came from one of the episode in the movie 'T h e P a t r i o t' (2000)the black soldier who wants his freedom and the lame ass militia man who mocks him with the obligatory: "gee, I came to my senses, it's my honor to fight ...


good morning everyone. It's my great honor to be here to introduce myself to you. My name is XXX,a 19-year-old student from junior high...

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